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How to Articulate Yourself Clearly & Confidently When it Matters Most.

Tuesday, February 14th @ 10am PT / 1pm ET

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From virtual meetings and check-ins to high-stakes conversations and presentations—

Let's make sure you know how to find that sweet spot between coming across like a pro and staying true to who you are!

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You'll learn how to:

​👉 Overcome nerves with science-backed tactics to help you feel more centered and in control

👉 Convey your expertise with confidence, while staying true to who you are

👉 Stay grounded and empowered when you feel that pressure to prove yourself to others

👉 Articulate yourself clearly and succinctly on the fly

Here's what a couple of our Presence Under Pressure grads have to say about these skills...

Ileana M:

"This practice of mindful and effective communication has radically enhanced my life for the better and this is not a fad, but a way of life. Brenne's coaching goes beyond communication and delves deep into professional coaching and self awareness."


Christina R:

"Brenne challenged me to completely rethink my approach to communicating and public speaking, helping me to dial down my nerves and enabling me to become a more authentic, confident, and effective communicator. The work is not always comfortable--and certainly not easy--but you will notice a change immediately. And when others, too, begin to notice that change in you, well, that's a game-changer."

C. Raymond headshot - Christina Raymond

Join Us for a Free Masterclass!

How to Articulate Yourself Clearly & Confidently When it Matters Most.

Tuesday, February 14th @ 10am PT / 1pm ET

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Meet Brenne:

a big-hearted business owner, communication coach, and secret weapon to thousands of go-getters around the world, who, above all, is dedicated to helping you become the most confident and compelling communicator you can possibly be.

Brenne Hali is the Founder & CEO of SelfSpoken. She's known for providing teams and individuals with the exact tools and coaching they need to find that sweet spot between conveying their expertise and staying true to themselves. From high-stakes presentations to daily conversations, she'll help you get clear on what you want to say (and how to say it!) with authenticity and impact.

She turned her acting career (which began with the national tour of a Broadway musical) into a successful communication training side-hustle over the course of a decade. And then, in 2018, Brenne founded SelfSpoken with a mission to share the most valuable and practical tools she gained from both worlds. 

Nothing lights her up more than empowering people from every background, industry, and career stage, to move away from self-doubt and toward deepened self-confidence. She sees effective communication as a skill set anyone can learn and hone, not a talent that only some are born with. 

Outside of work, Brenne enjoys few things more than long, delicious meals with friends, traveling to new places with her husband Eli, and dancing full-out in her living room. 

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From "make-it-or-break-it" moments to casual conversations, Brenne's all about helping people show up as the versions of themselves they most want to be-both in business and in life.