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From “get me out of here” to “I got this.”

Ready to stop proving, performing, or playing small?

Group 308

Whether you're presenting to senior leaders, speaking to an audience of ideal clients, attending an important meeting, or responding to tricky questions on the fly...

I am going to teach you how to...

  • Dial down nerves and second-guessing when you're on the spot
  • Embody the qualities you want others to see in you
  • Articulate yourself clearly and succinctly
  • Get others to take you seriously-without acting like you're someone you're not
  • Leverage the gifts that make you the incredible, one-of-a-kind human you are

In this free masterclass, I'm sharing the exact skills that took me from "fake it 'til you make it" to communicating with ease, authenticity, and impact.


These science-backed techniques will show you exactly how to

Stop abandoning yourself to act like you think you "should" 

Start trusting yourself to show up and shine when you speak

+ Own your authentic voice

Hi! I'm Brenne,

(like Brenda without the "da") and I'm a communication coach, educator, and secret weapon to thousands of leaders, emerging leaders, and business owners around the world.

6 years ago, I kept butting up against that familiar impulse to PROVE myself. To prove that I was smart enough, capable enough, and experienced enough to be there.

I knew that coaching and empowering others was the path for me, but I also knew that if I was gonna continue down this path, I had to:

STOP abandoning myself to act like some perfect, polished person I thought I should be and START trusting myself to show up as the intrinsically powerful (and yes, completely imperfect!) person I am.

So, I developed a holistic, step-by-step curriculum to help YOU cultivate confident communication skills from the inside out.

That's how SelfSpoken was born.

6 YEARS LATER, I still use SelfSpoken techniques to turn my own panic into power and everyday pressures into presence.

Like all of us, I'm a work in progress.

But when the waves of adrenaline or the whispers of self-doubt inevitably flood my system, I take comfort in knowing how to find my own, authentic sweet spot:

That empowering and fulfilling experience of being able to ground myself under pressure and express myself with confidence, trusting that no matter what, I've got my own back.


During our time together, we will cover...

  • 1 How to regulate nerves and second-guessing on a cellular level, so that you can *actually* feel calm and clear-headed when you speak.
  • 2 How to get others to see you the way you deserve to be seen - without proving, performing, or people-pleasing your way there.
  • 3 How to articulate the most succinct and compelling version of any message without memorizing or over-preparing.