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You’re the one who can read a room in an instant, Relatable Expert. It’s all about authentic connection for you. Your empathy allows you to understand and synthesize varying viewpoints, making others feel truly seen and heard.

As a Relatable Expert, you’re great at…

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    Reading the needs of other people

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    Being intentional about the energy you bring into a room

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    Getting clear on what you want to say and why


You're in great company,

Relatable EXPERT


You want...

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    To feel present and keyed-in, not distracted or unfocused.

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    To come across as empathetic and mindful of others.

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    Others to see and appreciate you for your thoughtfulness, intelligence, and authenticity.

On your journey to becoming the sort of communicator that wows the pants off of others—while staying true to who you are—you’d likely benefit from practicing how to…


Get out of your head—despite nerves or jitters.

When all eyes are on you, and you feel that pressure to prove something: shift your focus out of your own head and shine it like a spotlight on the people you’re speaking to.

How to do it

The best thing you can do to put yourself at ease in those moments is to focus on putting others at ease.  

And I know it sounds somewhat counterintuitive, but think about it for a sec. How awesome does it feel when you’re talking to someone and you can tell that they genuinely want YOU to feel comfortable? Not only do you automatically feel more at ease, but you also assume that they feel relaxed and comfortable in their own skin, too.  

When you intentionally keep your focus on the people you’re speaking to, and leverage your innate skill of making others feel seen and safe, you’ll feel more relaxed and connected without having to talk yourself into that headspace!


Build your toolkit for dealing with spontaneous second-guessing.

As a Relatable Expert, you can get caught up in second-guessing yourself. You’d hate to say the “wrong” thing or “put your foot in your mouth.” So sometimes you play small and let those fears get the best of you.

If you build your toolkit for dealing with nerves, and particularly, spontaneous second-guessing, you’ll be able to stay grounded and speak from an empowered place, even when you feel that pressure to prove yourself.

How to do it

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    Take up space.

When our limbic brains are in that fight or flight mode, we often have the urge to *get smaller*. Literally. We shrink our posture and clasp our hands to make ourselves less of a target, and to self-protect.

Just by imagining yourself filling the space around you, you send an important neurobiological message to your body that you’re not in danger. That, in fact, you have enough power in whatever situation you’re in to take up space.

Also, by taking up space, both physically and energetically, you signal to those around you that yes, you’re relatable, but you’re also a force to be reckoned with.

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    Release tension.

When you’re nervous or uncomfortable, you tend to tense your muscles as a measure of self-protection. But all this does is reinforce your fight or flight mechanism—keeping your anxiety levels high. 

So, next time you feel that tension creeping in, do a quick body scan in your mind’s eye and release that tension on purpose. It’ll send a vital signal to your limbic brain that it can stop pumping adrenaline and cortisol into your system.


Own it.

Approachability is your middle name, Relatable Expert. But that doesn’t mean you can’t own your sh*t, too! You may often feel like you need to prove you know what you’re talking about, or project some sort of authoritative exterior to gain others’ respect.


And while you don’t need to do anything or be anyone for the approval of others… it *is* essential to own what you know. To feel like you can communicate with authority and speak from a genuinely empowered place. 


It’s your birthright to trust your own voice, Relatable Expert.

How to do it

  • step1

    Recognize whether you come off as less “authoritative” than you mean to by...

Watching yourself on video. I know, cringe, but trust me: there’s no quicker way to see how others *actually* perceive you than to watch yourself on camera.


Phoning a friend.  Ask a trusted coworker to observe you next time you’re communicating in a team meeting or on a Zoom call. Tell them that you’re working on exuding more authority when you speak, and after the meeting, ask them how you did.

Then, commit to...

  • step2

    Sitting or standing “in your power” by...

  • Aligning your shoulders over your hips 
  • Releasing your shoulders back and down
  • Opening your chest
  • Taking up space

Looking for more practical support in becoming the communicator you most wanna be?

I’ve got ya covered!

Check out the Confident Communicator—my holistic, step-by-step course, designed to teach you practical tools and frameworks for:

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    dialing down nerves when the pressure’s on

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    exuding authentic confidence when you speak

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    sharing your knowledge with more authority (and a truly empowered mindset!)

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    and articulating your ideas more clearly and succinctly than ever before.