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You’re the one who keeps things interesting, Storyteller. Everyone knows you for your sparkling personality and quick wit. You strive to make the most of other people’s time by keeping things light and fun.

As a Storyteller, you’re great at…

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    Creating a narrative

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    Landing a punchline

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    Keeping audiences entertained


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You want to...

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    Feel not just seen and understood, but appreciated and admired.

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    Be known for your authentic magnetism and sense of humor.

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    Connect the dots for others in a way that’s both helpful and engaging.

On your journey to becoming the sort of communicator that wows the pants off of others—while staying true to who you are—you’d likely benefit from practicing how to…


Learn the difference between self-deprecating humor and self-defecating humor.

Sometimes, you may undercut your own authority by cracking one too many jokes at your own expense. This comes from a good place: you want to keep things light and fun, and it’s easier to make fun of yourself than others. 


But please stop sh*tting on yourself, Storyteller 🙂 You can keep things light and fun without putting yourself down. And let’s face it, when you belittle yourself too much, it pushes people away instead of bringing them closer.

How to do it


  • Am I having a sense of humor about myself for the sake of keeping things light for everyone?
  • Or am I just sh*tting on myself? With the subtext of: “look at me, I suck,  take care of me…”


Now the good news is: if you’re not sure whether your particular brand of self-deprecating humor is landing in the way you intend it to, you’ve already done the best thing you can do! You’re checking in with yourself about it.


Step two is to ask a trusted friend or colleague for their honest feedback. Tell them you’re wondering if your humor is landing in a way that’s serving you or undercutting you. And if it’s a trusted friend or colleague, they’ll tell you!


Also, there are many ways to keep things fun without trying to be funny or turning the attention back on you in a negative way. Think…

👉 starting meetings with lighthearted warm-ups 

👉 infusing presentations with interactive elements and GIFs

👉 implementing reward systems and playing games


And remember: it’s NOT about suppressing your natural sense of humor just to get others to take you seriously. It’s about taking care of both yourself and the people around you by using humor with intention.


Anchor into your *own* intention.

Here’s the thing, Storyteller: you can naturally engage others without having to ham it up or undermine your credibility.


It’s all about getting grounded in who you are and what you bring to the table—independent of any external validation you may receive from others.

How to do it

When you feel that pressure to prove yourself and come across as “likeable”, get really specific about WHY you’re saying what you’re saying in the first place. 


Because when you’re clear on your WHY, you don’t need to convince, persuade or prove anything


When you’re grounded in your intention for speaking, you’re able to get out of your head and focus entirely on the people you’re speaking to and what you need them to hear… 


And it’s THAT clarity and intentionally that’ll empower you to land any message with authentic conviction.


Get clear on what your audience needs from you.

In an effort to be as engaging as you can be, you might focus more on how you’re coming across than what your audience needs to hear.  


This might make your messaging a little scattered or disjointed. And if you confuse ‘em, Storyteller, you lose ‘em. 


Instead of focusing on upping the entertainment factor, spend a little more time on grounding into the flow of your messaging.

How to do it

  • step1

    Identify the questions you need to answer.

  • step2

    Use the language of those questions to articulate your BLUF—the main point you want to make as you answer each question.

  • step3

    Then bring your BLUF to life by providing concrete examples and stories to back it up.

This technique of reverse-engineering the questions you’re answering, and getting clear about the main points you want to make, will allow you to leverage your innate storytelling skills, staying organized, and skip the rambling!

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