You are IN for The Revolutionary Role Model Summit— an identity, energy, and tactical skill reset for my favorite Presence Under Pressure graduates of ALL TIME 🎉

It's time to override the pressures to prove yourself, and instead, embody a NEW WAY of thriving as a highly perceptive, undeniably capable, fully expressed woman in today's world.

Here's what you need to do next:

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Mark your calendar right now. Block off 3-5pm ET on Tuesday, December 12th as a LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE - I’m not kidding.

Don't let anyone - not your colleagues, your manager, nor your sweet, wonderful family - schedule anything that gets in the way of you taking full advantage of this LIVE event.




Please check your email for a confirmation of your registration. If you don’t see it within the next two minutes, please 

  • Search your spam folder for an email with subject line:
    “You are IN for The Revolutionary Role Model Summit!"
  • Make sure to unspam the email
  • Add me to your contacts, so you don’t miss any important updates or reminders going forward.

I know how busy things can get and I don’t want you to miss a second of this workshop.
If you confirm that you received this email, then I’ll be able to send you reminders to get your butt in the room and not miss a moment of this powerful LIVE experience.

My vision for this event:

DOZENS of big-hearted, ambitious women reuniting in community - to anchor into Confidence and intuitive leadership skills, and to override the insidious patriarchal pressures to prove, please, and play small. 

I envision a tidal wave of inspiration, and a palpable feminine quality of empowerment rippling out from this experience — transforming your personal trajectory and generations of women coming up behind you.

Remember, the Revolutionary Role Model lives with a knowing that

being a big-hearted, ambitious woman is THE REASON she gets to rise and root into having everything she deserves and desires,

NOT the reason she should keep “proving her worthiness” until her last breath.

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Are you ready to embody her?

Just imagine what we can achieve together by
rejecting the patterns that don’t feel good in life or leadership

activating the expansiveness and energetic ease of being a revolutionary, fully embodied Role Model.

This is going to be legendary.

I truly cannot WAIT to have you in the room!
Don’t forget to mark your calendar right now!