A *FREE* Women in Leadership Summit for my favorite Presence Under Pressure graduates of ALL TIME 🎉

If we're going to be the kinds of leaders our colleagues (and families!) look up to, we need to stop trying to be the “executives,” “martyrs,” and “perfectionists,” we think we need to be, and start embodying the Revolutionary Role Model within.

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Tuesday, December 12th @ 3:00-5:00pm ET

It’s time to parse out the patriarchal brainwashing that’s holding us back, leverage our intuitive gifts, and role-model a NEW WAY of thriving as highly perceptive, undeniably capable, fully expressed women in today's world.

Imagine if being a big-hearted, ambitious woman 
who carries multiple identities and responsibilities...

didn’t feel like a constant hustle
to prove, please or hold up the sky...

What if being a big-hearted, ambitious woman was the leading edge of a
that allowed you to honor ALL parts of you, even the ones you think you need to shove in a drawer at work…

What if being a big-hearted, ambitious woman who
embodies the fullness of who she IS wherever she goes,

could serve as a model for generations of women. NOT as a lofty aspiration, but as a revolutionary example of what’s possible when

we choose our true nature over harmful cultural conditioning.


This Revolutionary Role Model Summit is for you if...

you’re ready to REWRITE the contradictory STANDARDS FOR communicating and leading as a big-hearted, ambitious woman who's expected to cultivate "EXECUTIVE PRESENCE" AND "BE ASSERTIVE"...

while also never stepping on toes, or rocking the boat, or being too self-serving…

AKA the bullshit...

we, as women, have been gaslit into believing about ourselves for centuries:

"You are too much and not enough."


It’s time to read Good Night Moon to the Patriarchy….

Good night, “Executive Presence” as the aspirational leadership model.
Good night, “Burnout” as a badge of honor.
Good night, “Martyr” as the memo for selfless mothering.

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Hello, Revolutionary
Role Model

Get ready for a workshop unlike any other you’ve experienced in the personal or professional development space.

We’re about to… 

  • Get crystal clear on which identity you're leading with at work, and whether it's serving to expand you or hold you back
  • Explore how allowing more sides of you to be expressed *at once* can elevate your impact and deepen your confidence exponentially
  • Upgrade your internal operating system by changing your relationship to Power forever and activating the Revolutionary Role Model within
  • Balance out your masculine and feminine energy, so that you can assert clear boundaries and intentions, while also feeling free and open to going with the flow
  • Activate the #1 ingredient for sustaining authentic confidence and sturdy leadership, while also being present with your loved ones, taking luxurious vacations, and RESTING without shame

Is Attending The revolutionary Role Model summit right for you?

Here’s how to know

  • Your relationship status with Identity, Leadership or Confidence, has been "It's Complicated" ever since you got to *this stage* of your career and/or experienced a major life transition like moving, motherhood or marriage. (Right there with you 🙋‍♀️)
  • You want to honor the fullness of who you are as a big-hearted, ambitious woman in every aspect of your career, your relationships, and your vision for your life, but you're not sure how to do so without turning on and off different versions of you.
  • You are generally confident in your social skills and your ability to read people, and yet you often feel second-guessy or drained by the day-to-day code-switching
  • You are craving a space where you can recenter, gain clarity, absorb some practical wisdom, and feel energized by warm, inspiring women who you can be *real* with.

If any of this made you go,
Oh, shit...

This event will be nothing short of revolutionary
for you, your career, and your family.

Come join us and experience firsthand the overflow of inspiration waiting for you.