A catalytic community coaching experience for big-hearted, ambitious women (like you) who are ready to DEEPEN and EXPAND your communication and leadership skills in a SELF-HONORING way....


No more hustling to please
or prove your worthiness.

No more showing up with "what's left of you,"
instead of the best of you.


The Inner Circle is here to resource your skillset AND your spirit, so that you can heal the patriarchal brainwashing that’s holding you back, own your intuitive power, and role-model a NEW WAY of thriving as a highly perceptive, undeniably capable, fully expressed woman in today's world.

Imagine what it would feel like to have...


An intimate, judgment-free community of women

who truly want to *go there* and explore the communication, leadership, and identity challenges we ALL face, but don't talk enough about.


A BRAVE space to air out insecurities and tricky dynamics

— to workshop conversations, and receive reflective, practical coaching — so you can navigate courageous conversations with more trust and clarity.


A braintrust + go-to sounding board of powerhouses

from diverse leadership backgrounds, who will not only validate your experiences (because they've been there!), but are eager to provide you with the wisdom, humor and liberating encouragement you need to thrive!


An endless supply of practical tools and soul-nourishing mentorship

to help you own your magic, and pave a NEW, LIBERATED WAY of doing life and leadership for generations of women to come.

Well guess what my friend?

The Inner Circle will be all of this for you, and more!

Here's what you'll receive inside The Inner Circle

An entire YEAR of LIVE coaching support, actionable resources, and a rich, intimate community of women who can't wait to act as mirrors to your magic!

Overflowing with rich discussion, guided exercises, tactical role-playing,
and LOTS of individualized coaching and support, this experience will be
NEXT LEVEL inspiring, energizing, and nourishing for the soul.


3 Workshop Series with
6 Bi-Weekly Calls in Each

⚡️(18) 90-minute coaching calls total


A "No-Pressure" Private Text Thread

(where we stay in touch between calls, and share quick nuggets of inspiration, reflections, resources, and humor -  without any pressure to be a responsive texter!)


Lifetime Access to Your Membership Portal

which includes a recording library with all coaching calls and guest workshops


2 Bonus Guest Expert Workshops:

⚡️ Embodying Self-Trust
⚡️Revolutionary Feminine Leadership


A Curated Resource Hub

with my top reading, listening, and viewing recommendations for personal healing work, elevating your communication skills, expanding your leadership capacity, and strengthening your relational intelligence for every dynamic in your life.


1 *Possible* VIP Invitation

to an in-person retreat

What's in it for you?

Your Presence Under Pressure experience highlighted the importance of carving out protected time for yourself and your development each week.

And not just your professional development, but your personal well-being.

Now you know what's possible for your inner calm and confidence when you commit to learning and growing within a community that's rooting for you.

And not just rooting for you, but resourcing your GREATEST ASSETS

—your voice, your confidence, your intuition, and your magic!

This Inner Circle is hands-down the most effective way I know to help you show up in all of your personal and professional interactions from a place of OVERFLOW and ALIGNMENT, instead of overwhelm and isolation.

The truth? We've only scratched the surface together, and there's so much more inside of you that's waiting to be liberated and integrated into your communication and leadership style.


This Inner Circle is about more than just building confidence and advancing your skills...

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    It's about radically accepting who you are and owning your voice, your ideas, and your power from within.

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    It's about exploring the type of revolutionary leadership it takes to thrive in today's complex work environments

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    It's about learning to network, get buy-in, or persuade others without the ick factor.

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    It's about giving feedback and coaching your colleagues in a direct, but empowering way.

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    It's about nurturing your own triggers and knee-jerk reactions when dealing with challenging situations.


... and so much more.

As women, we gotta break out of our cultural conditioning to people-please and play small…

So that we can step into real, grounded, undeniable confidence from the inside out.

And there's no reason to go at it alone...

The Inner Circle can't wait to support you and bring out the best in you!

Frequently Asked Questions

We're gonna dig deep, ditch old habits, advance your skills, and firm up an unshakeable trust in yourself.

And you know what else?


Ready to start showing up and speaking up
as the YOU, you'd look up to?


Not by proving, or pretending, or twisting yourself into a pretzel, but by honoring your instincts and sourcing your expression from the most grounded and intentional place?


(like Brenda without the "da") and I'm a communication educator, leadership mentor, and confidence coach to thousands of leaders, emerging leaders, and business owners around the world.

My goal, and "the why" behind everything I do, is to empower you to show up (and speak up!) as the you, you most want to be.


Through practical skill-building and a holistic approach to coaching, I'm here to help you find that sweet spot between conveying your expertise and staying true to yourself in all of your interactions.

Why am I so passionate about this work? Because I've been there…

From competing in audition rooms and performing on national stages to coaching executives in c-suites and speaking at major conferences, I've experienced the anxiety that comes with putting yourself out there and the intense fear of not knowing how it'll go.


I use SelfSpoken techniques to turn my own panic into power and everyday pressures into presence.


Like all of us, I'm a work in progress.


But when the waves of adrenaline or the whispers of self-doubt inevitably flood my system, I find so much comfort in knowing how to tap into my own, authentic sweet spot:


That empowering and fulfilling experience of grounding myself under pressure, landing my ideas with confidence, and staying true to who I am.