The Keys to Articulating Yourself Like a Pro

Inside this final module, you'll step into your full power with some practical messaging frameworks.

We'll tackle how to introduce yourself (and what you do) like a boss-whether you're interviewing for a job, meeting a new client, or putting yourself out there in an even bigger way. I'll also walk you through my 5-step formula for outlining any presentation in half the time, but with double the impact.

Plus, you'll learn practical, everyday frameworks for articulating yourself more clearly and succinctly on the fly, along with some of my favorite tools for breaking down complex ideas into digestible language and handling tricky questions on the spot.

Ultimately, you'll walk away with a clear action plan for how to continue elevating your speaking skills (and listening skills!) in a way that feels authentic and empowering!


Cultivating Authentic Self-Trust

Ready to tap into your authentic communication style and speak from a genuinely empowered place? We're gonna dig into the practical mindset shifts you need to make if you're ready to stop proving yourself, pleasing others, and playing small.

First, we'll dig into how you can identify your unique driving values. Once you understand what they are and why they resonate, you'll learn to leverage your chosen values in all your communications, so you can stop abandoning yourself (and your ideas!) and start trusting yourself to speak from a grounded, self-honoring place.

From there, we'll make sure you feel clear on what roles you play and how to harness the power of intention to show up in your conversations with more presence, integrity, and focus.

Getting to Know Nerves & Self-Doubt

When adrenaline strikes, how intimately do you know what actually goes on inside your body? And I'm not just talking about those high-stakes moments where you're expected to dazzle an audience... I'm talking about those everyday experiences of being "on the spot" and having to prove you know what you're talking about.

Let's demystify what's happening beneath the surface, shall we?

Because once you understand *exactly* what's triggering your nervous system on a physiological level-and how to move through this (absolutely healthy!) chemical reaction in a way that's practical and, dare I say, freeing-you'll realize that what's keeping you from showing up as your best self is not that you're "crazy" or "not confident enough." It's just your survival instincts doing their thing!
By the end of this module, we'll turn your fight-or-flight instincts into practical skills you can use to dial down nerves on the inside, and exude genuine ease on the outside.


Exuding Confidence From the Inside Out

Once you know what's going on inside your mind and body when you're nervous, it's time to move your focus outward. We'll take a close look at the signals you're sending through your body language, vocal inflections, and overall pacing during your everyday interactions, and start to create greater awareness of how you carry yourself and the qualities you project when you speak.

Warning: this module will make you a tad uncomfortable because it'll force you to recognize your own unique "tics" and habits. But as every student of mine will tell you, it's the most essential exercise for elevating your communication skills and enhancing your presence in a room.

Why? Because once you *see* how your communication style measures up to the vision you hold for yourself, you'll feel much clearer on which habits to ditch, and which to leverage.

In this module, you'll evaluate your communication skills with a guided action challenge and self-assessment exercise. You'll determine which unconscious habits are no longer serving you, and which 3 key skills you need to integrate in order to embody the qualities you want others to see in you.


Copy & Paste Phrasing & Frameworks to Help You Level Up

Value: $97


In addition to all of the video lessons and coaching calls, you'll also get access to a bunch of downloadable resources you can turn to whenever you need help

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    organizing a presentation from scratch

  • Icon – Checked

    navigating tricky conversations

  • Icon – Checked

    tailoring your talking points to a specific audience

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    sounding like the knowledgeable and engaging pro you know you can be. 


Members-Only Community & Support Channel

Value: $397


You'll get access to our exclusive Slack channel with an awesome group of other Confident Communicators. This is where you'll go to ask questions, get feedback, share breakthroughs, and connect with other big-hearted go-getters who are working on the same things and want to see you shine! 


How to Pitch Without Being "Salesy" or Getting Lost in the Weeds

Value: $147

In this pre-recorded mini training, you'll learn how to...

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    put yourself in your audience's shoes, so you can tailor your talking points accordingly

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    zoom in on the problem you're solving or the possibility you're introducing

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    determine the questions you need to answer

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    decide which stories you'll need to include to answer each question


How to Engage, Educate & Entice Your Virtual Audience (With Slides!)

Value: $197

In this pre-recorded masterclass, you'll learn how to...

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    sharpen your presentation flow in 4 simple steps-a formula you can recycle forever.

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    format your slides so they work for you instead of against you.

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    translate your in-person presentation style to the virtual world-so you hook them from the beginning and keep them engaged along the way.

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    avoid distracting mistakes even the best presenters make when presenting with slides online.


5 Live Coaching Calls

Value: $1297

As a member of The Confident Communicator, you'll get access to 5 intimate group coaching calls. 

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    This is your opportunity to get feedback and 1-1 coaching from Brenne!


Think of our live coaching calls as the communication gym! Many of my students purchase my courses just for the coaching calls-they are THAT good. I offer high-level group coaching programs that are thousands of dollars to join.

But you'll get these coaching calls as a free bonus if you join The Confident Communicator today!