Learn to speak like a pro, but sound like

Learn to speak like a pro, but sound like




The Confident Communicator

Self-guided online course + 5 coaching calls

A holistic, step-by-step program with live coaching. This course will teach you how to regulate nerves, exude authentic confidence, and articulate yourself more clearly and intentionally whenever you speak.


Presence Under Pressure

8-week small group intensive + 6 graduate coaching calls

Learn science-backed strategies for communicating more effectively in all of your meetings, check-ins, and presentations, and discover how to show up as the you, you most want to be—with more authentic confidence on the inside, and an undeniably capable presence on the outside.



A catalytic full-year community coaching experience

For big-hearted, ambitious Presence Under Pressure graduates who are ready to DEEPEN and EXPAND their communication and leadership skills in a SELF-HONORING way....

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Team Trainings

One-time and multi-session packages available

Looking for a professional development trainer
to help your team elevate their communication skills
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Here's What We'll Cover

  • physiology

    PHYSIOLOGY: What happens internally when you're put on the spot? We'll dig into the science behind speaking anxiety and practice proven strategies for managing nerves and conveying authentic confidence when it matters most.

  • physicality

    PHYSICALITY: We’ll take a close look at the signals you’re sending through your body language, vocal inflections, and overall pacing so that you can cultivate greater awareness around which habits are serving you and which might be undercutting you when you speak.

  • intentionality

    MINDSET: Ready to tap into your authentic communication style and speak from a genuinely empowered place? We'll dig into the practical mindset shifts you need to make if you want to stop proving, pleasing, or playing small.

  • individuality

    MESSAGING: I'll break down concrete messaging frameworks to help your team refine their presentations and impromptu speaking skills, while also honoring their unique and varied communication styles.

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