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I felt that it was life-changing.

You know, because it's a life skill, I think it's 100%, even 200% worth it. Because I felt that it was life changing. I went from feeling drained and insecure to just knowing who I am and that I can become better every day of my life in the future. So the gain, or the return on investment is just infinity.

One of the biggest shifts was from proving to improving.

As someone who never finished college, who's made a career for myself through trial and error and really hard work, I'm always feeling like I have to prove myself, prove my worth, prove my knowledge. And one of the biggest shifts was moving from proving myself to "how can I improve the situation that I'm in, how can I improve other people's lives?"

“I realized that my posture can actually calm my mind.”

Brenne definitely put me on the spot a lot, and you get to re-watch yourself—just seeing all the little things that you do. And that made a massive difference for me. The other massive shift for me was realizing that my body and posture can actually calm my mind and help me un-scatter myself. Even if I'm feeling nervous or floaty, I can always ground myself there.

“I feel so much more confident.”

I think there's a lot of value in just being able to refine your everyday skills. I think anyone can benefit from just being able to learn how to position your camera, learn how to settle yourself down, what you can do when your mind is wandering, and focus.


Sarah on Self Trust

Check out what she has to say about what “being confident” means to her now that she’s looked inward, received concrete, supportive feedback, and built the practical skills to put her best self out there.



“Now, I have so many amazing tools, tips and frameworks to use! It’s a really beautiful feeling to finally be able to articulate my thoughts with confidence.”

More Testimonials


Brenne challenged me to rethink my approach to public speaking, helping me to dial down my nerves and enabling me to become a more effective communicator.

Christina R.


Coaching sessions with Brenne are always focused, high-energy, and filled with direct, constructive feedback. I couldn’t recommend her more enthusiastically.

Kevin Y.


More Wins

Not only did this course help me land a job, it honestly helped me get to know myself better, and even become a better person.

Anne L.


Brenne has helped me figure out how to get more comfortable and bring more of who I am to large-scale speaking opportunities.

Jay A.

Brenne cannot be described - it's like talking to your best friend and cheerleader, who wants the utmost best for you and actively provides feedback towards that goal.

Vanessa A.

I love the easy-to-recall tips and tricks. I know great communication is a lifelong practice, but now I can recognize when I’m presenting my best self, and have the tools to keep improving.

Sarah H.

After this experience, I am more confident, intentional, and clear in my communications...I definitely feel more empowered.

Audrey B.


Brenne has helped enormously with learning how to deliver speeches with poise, presence, and professionalism.

Laura H.


Brenne is a life-changer. These are skills that everyone needs in order to navigate today's challenging work environments.

Ileana M.

Brenne gave me the tools to project myself in a way that is authentic but optimized - the best possible version of me. I've noticed significantly less pushback on my ideas.

Carly G.

I learned so much about myself as a human being: biologically, philosophically, and relationally...I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Kristina K.