From Combating Nerves to Owning Her Voice: A Presence Under Pressure Case Study


Let’s pretend one of these requests from a colleague just landed in your inbox:

  • “Would you mind hopping on an Instagram Live with me this afternoon to talk about our latest collaboration?”
  • “Can you join this meeting with 10+ people later to offer some insights?”
  • “Will you lead a webinar for my community on your area of expertise??”

Now, do you feel energized and reply with a prompt 👍? Or does a pit of uncertainty start to grow in your stomach while you vacillate between “Oh no, there’s no way I can say yes to this” and “Shouldn’t I say yes to this?!?”

If it’s the latter, you’re certainly not the only one! Emily (Web Designer, Founder of Aroha Visuals, and one of our amazing Presence Under Pressure grads) shied away from on-camera speaking opportunities, felt flustered when put on-the-spot, and struggled with conversational nerves before she joined the program. 

We sat down to talk about how her experiences in PUP helped her overcome her long-held fear of public speaking, and how it empowered her to communicate more confidently with her clients. 

Listen to our full conversation below!

We talked about how:

The most helpful, stand-out parts of Presence Under Pressure were…

  • Watching herself back on video and learning how to take on a more grounded posture. 
  • Practicing on-the-spot conversations, and watching them back to see which l habits served her, and which undercut her.
  • Learning how to leverage her own body language to feel less scattered and more in-control under pressure.

“My posture can actually calm my mind and help me unscatter myself—that was really massive, knowing I have control over it. Even if I’m feeling nervous or feeling floaty, I can always ground myself.”

One of the biggest gifts she gained from the program was…

Being able to confidently say what’s on her mind—especially when in conversations with clients who might want one thing while she feels strongly about another.

“I feel like I’m able to just communicate what I want to say. And if it’s something that might be contrary to somebody else’s belief or goes against the grain, I can still say it nicely, gracefully, and not feel shy…Brenne gave me so many great phrases.”

The small group format helped her feel comfortable…

Because everybody was so supportive! Everyone was going through the same process, and it felt like all the cohort members held space for each other during vulnerable moments.

“We had just four people in our group, and that was so perfect. I loved how everyone was so supportive…Usually I’d be so embarrassed when I mess up, but it was just a safe, supportive environment where I could try this new hat that I wanted to wear.”

The weekly journal prompts, reminders, and recaps were key parts…

Of staying consistent and accountable when it came to practicing the skills. They made Emily more conscious and aware of how she spoke during the week, and allowed her to reflect upon her progress.

“I love journaling, and I had a lot of deep, reflective thoughts, especially toward the start of the program, like my values, how I wanted to communicate, my identity…so I had a lot of profound realizations.”

If someone is thinking about joining the program…

They should be prepared for a massive internal shift when it comes to the way they see themselves. Someone who’s truly ready to look inward and feels aligned with the vulnerability of working on their speaking and confidence under pressure will get the most out of PUP.

“If you really trust in the program, trust in Brenne, and really do the work on yourself—journal, look deeper, practice what you learn—you’re gonna get so much out of it.”

Emily’s always been a powerhouse on the inside, and it’s amazing to know that she feels comfortable projecting that on the outside now, too. She’s living proof that fear of public speaking doesn’t have to last a lifetime, and if you’re ready to feel more confident saying YES and speaking up, join us for Presence Under Pressure!

Our signature 8-week group coaching program opens back up for enrollment soon, and if you’re interested in joining an intimate cohort of 4 other badass women—who not only want to learn how to communicate more clearly and confidently under pressure, but who also genuinely want to support you in stepping into your *next level*—get yourself on the waitlist! I can’t wait to send you all the deets.

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