Speak like a pro, Sound like yourself.

Show up as the you, you most want to be.


Are you communicating clearly and confidently when it matters most?

Here are 12 simple tricks to help you wow the pants off whoever you're talking to.

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Let's Get To Work

Which of these sounds most like you?


I want to get better at public speaking

I want to be able to prepare in less time with less stress. I want to feel more confident presenting and engaging others from the get-go. I want my natural personality to shine through (like it does in smaller groups or one-on-one). I wouldn't mind them thinking to themselves, "woah, who's that!?" by the time I'm done.


There's someone with lots of potential on my team, but...

They could use some coaching. They've got all the makings of a great leader, but need help articulating their ideas more clearly and conveying competence in high-pressure situations. I want them to own their seat at the table, so that others recognize their potential the way I do.


I thrive in certain situations and struggle through others.

I feel comfortable interacting with people in some parts of my life, but insecure and overwhelmed in others. I want to learn how to manage my internal anxiety and second-guessing, so that I feel more relaxed and capable next time the pressure's on. 


I want To bring Brenne in to work with our team

We're all hard-working, passionate individuals, but it's time for us to enhance our overall presence and solidify a kick-ass reputation. We need to get clearer on how to play to our individual strengths, respond to challenges with ease, let go of limiting beliefs, and promote a culture where everyone is empowered to do their best work.

None of the above?
Let's figure it out together.


Our Services

Quit being soft-spoken, don't settle for well-spoken,
instead become SelfSpoken.

Here's what we're serving up

One-on-one coaching packages

  • Virtual sessions via Zoom video
  • Include downloadable recordings & written summary of feedback
  • 3-10 hours per package 
  • 60-minute sessions
  • Rates start at $375/hour 

(but mighty!)
team trainingS

  • In-person or virtual

  • 60-90 minute interactive workshops

  • Rates start at $3k and vary based on location and duration


  • 8-week intimate group coaching intensive

  • Includes 7 group sessions + 1 one-on-one with Brenne

  • Comes with a WHOLE YEAR of graduate coaching

Together, we'll custom design the right training plan for you.

Tasting Menu

Here's a taste of what you can expect

Learn step-by-step strategies for How TO...

  • Manage performance anxiety and get centered under pressure.
  • Show up with genunine confidence and trust in your abilities.
  • Engage your audience (or whoever you're speaking to) in a way that gets them to lean in, take action, and enjoy spending time with you.
  • Prepare for talks and meetings in less time with less stress.


  • Refining and delivering impactful content.

  • Evaluating real-life interactions and role-playing your way through them - so that you have a clear plan going in and strategies to rely on in case the situation goes south. 

  • Clarifying your role in specific relationships and setting meaningful intentions to advocate for yourself and build lasting trust.

  • Applying personalized feedback in real-time.

Discover how to...

  • Ditch distracting habits and let go of crushing self-talk.

  • Think more clearly and feel more present when the pressure's on.
  • Release physical tension that might be hurting your voice, preventing you from breathing properly, and compounding your anxiety.

  • Use language (both verbal and physical) that inspires others to take action.

Here's what we leave off the menu

  • Writing business plans, investment pitches, or major presentations from scratch. Once you've written most of it, we can help you refine and articulate the spoken version.
  • Public relations. We can help you prepare for interviews and media appearances, but we don't advise on broader PR strategy.
  • Speech pathology. We can help you improve your speaking skills, whether or not English is your first language, but we don't provide therapy for speech impediments or language disorders. If that's what you're looking for, we're happy to refer you to a qualified therapist.

Ready to dive in?

Grab Your Free
Presence "Playbook"

"How to Get Out of Your Head, Exude Confidence Under Pressure & Engage Others With Ease"

You'll learn practical, easy-button tricks for dialing down self-consciousness and communicating with more authentic self-confidence. And more importantly, grabbing it will make you part of our E-Tribe. Which means, you'll get private access to subscriber-only tips, free resources, early-bird specials and scholarship opportunities.

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