Awkward Silence: Is It Your Job to Fill It?


Picture this: You’ve just given your colleagues a status update about something you’re working on and then… 

*Crickets* – an awkward silence.

You think to yourself: 

➡️ Should I keep talking?

➡️ Do I ask a question?

➡️ Who is responsible for continuing to fill the noise?

As women, we often take on the responsibility of making sure others feel comfortable in social situations. So, if we sense there’s an awkward silence, we’re often quick to fill it.

The question is: Is it really our job to fill these silences? And if we want to stop filling them for the sake of filling them, is there another strategy we can use to move conversations forward?

Watch this 1-minute video to learn my philosophy on “awkward silences” and a helpful strategy for moving the conversation forward.

👉 Pro Tip: Let go of the impulse to fill silences for the sake of ‘taking care of other people’s discomfort with silence and instead:

  1. Let there be silence!
  2. Or, move the conversation forward by “passing the ball.”

And when I say “pass the ball,” I mean: When you get to the end of your final sentence, toss the proverbial mic to someone else in the room by asking:

“Any questions about this?” 

“Does anyone have any ideas about how to handle X aspect of this?” 

“Brianna, would you like to add anything here?” 

When you “pass the ball” on purpose, you take the pressure off of yourself to fill the inevitable silence, and instead, you move the conversation along.

👉 Pro Tip: Make sure you come to full stops.

By taking a silent beat without barreling through filler words or rambling, you gift yourself- and your audience- with a conversational breather. Not an awkward silence.

When you practice pausing on purpose, you’re using silence as a helpful processing tool. You’re giving yourself time to think about what you want to say next AND you’re helping your listener(s) synthesize the information you just shared.

The more you come to full stops when you speak, the less awkward you’ll feel about silences over time, AND the less pressure you’ll feel to fill those silences, when they’re not your job to fill! 

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In your corner,

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