Ditching the Pressure to Prove: A Presence Under Pressure Case Study


Imagine: you walk into a boardroom full of colleagues and executives who are waiting for you to present on a given topic. You’re the subject matter expert in this scenario, but when the pre-meeting small-talk dies down and all eyes are suddenly on you—does the pressure to *prove* that you belong there (and know what you’re talking about!) start to creep in? And as you speak, does the urge to be “right” start to overshadow your ability to just be you?

If that feels familiar, let me be the first to tell you—you’re definitely not alone! Katrina (a Bay Area Cloud Product Expert/Corporate Trainer and one of our amazing Presence Under Pressure grads) had moments just like this before she joined the program. 

We sat down to talk about how Katrina’s experiences in PUP helped her shift her mindset from having to prove herself to trying to improve every situation instead—making her a more confident speaker AND a stronger leader.

Listen to our full conversation here!

We talked about how:

Her motivation to join Presence Under Pressure

Came from her tendency to overthink when answering questions on-the-fly. Katrina wanted to feel more confident in her ability to relay information in meetings and provide value without relying on over-preparation.

“That pressure that I feel when I’m in a meeting to be ‘right’ was prompting me to not sound as professional as I’d like…I’d like to present with more authenticity, while still feeling professional and connecting with my audience in a genuine way.”

Her hesitations about joining the program…

Resulted from her company’s tight budget when it came to training. But when she considered the benefits of personal coaching, a small group format, and potential for compassionate, straightforward feedback, she decided it was worth investing in PUP as a place to do some deep work. 

“I saw you in action with another leadership training, and I thought, there’s no way I can not say yes to this program. So I decided to reach out and figure out what I could do, and made it happen.”

The format and the course curriculum helped her transform her skills…

Through easy-to-use resources, structured pre-work, and support from her small group members. Katrina had the opportunity to get feedback from both an expert coach and fellow cohort members experiencing the same things.

“We got feedback from not only yourself, but from this lovely group of women that I worked with that was just right on point. I felt like I made really great connections with them, and will continue to be connected with this group for a very long time.”

The biggest shift that she made as a result of the course…

Was moving from a “prove” mindset to an “improve mindset.”

“As someone who never finished college, who has made a career for myself through trial-and-error and really hard work, I’m always feeling like I have to prove myself, prove my knowledge, prove my worth. And one of the biggest shifts was moving from proving myself to ‘how can I improve the situation that I’m in’—so coming at it from less about myself, and more about ‘how can I be a resource for others,’ that was one of the biggest takeaways.”

If someone were unsure about joining the program…

She’d tell them to sign up right away! As someone who loves self-improvement, she felt that not only was the information useful, but the personal interactions with a coach and cohort members were invaluable, too.

“I learn more from connecting with other people than I do watching a video or reading some materials, so the personal interaction was why I signed up.”

After 8-weeks of PUP, Katrina received feedback from her manager that her leadership skills had noticeably improved. She also noted feeling much more confident in Zoom meetings—which she’s sure will also translate to in-person interactions when the time comes. If you’re ready to follow her example and ditch that pressure to prove, join us for the next round of Presence Under Pressure!

Our signature 8-week group coaching program opens back up for enrollment soon, and if you’re interested in joining an intimate cohort of 4 other badass women—who not only want to learn how to communicate more clearly and confidently under pressure, but who also genuinely want to support you in stepping into your *next level*—get yourself on the waitlist! I can’t wait to send you all the deets.

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