How to Stop Rambling – Fewer Words, More Impact!


Whether you’re in a job interview or pitching a strategy to a new client, try giving them your BLUF.

How to give your BLUF so your message is clear, engaging, and to-the-point:

The bottom line? 😉

👉 When I say BLUF, I mean Bottom Line Up Front. Cut to the chase, THEN contextualize.

As human beings, we want to feel connected to the people we’re talking to. We want them to know where we’re coming from, so we often think we need to give them context before we make our point.

The truth?

If you confuse them, ya LOSE THEM. 

While giving a lot of context upfront might make sense to you because you know where you’re going with it… too much context can confuse people because they don’t know what point you’re getting at yet.

So here’s how to give your bottom line up front:

  1. Listen to the language of the question.
  2. Use that language to articulate your BLUF—a direct response to the question being asked.
  3. Bring your BLUF to life by providing concrete examples and stories of you in action.

Why giving your bottom line upfront works…it:

✔️ Shows your audience that you’re listening to what they’re saying, and that you’re fully engaged in the conversation—not stuck in your head.

✔️ Helps your audience process what you’re saying by directing their attention to the most important part of your message immediately.

✔️ Gives you a buffer and a jumping off point when answering tricky questions… because you don’t need to come up with your own.

✔️ Helps you stay on topic and skip the rambling, making your answer even more clear, engaging, and to-the-point.

You might feel like you need to explain your way into your bottom line… you don’t. By sharing your key point upfront and THEN filling in the details, you ensure that you’re answering the right question to begin with… and answering it in the most succinct and direct way possible.

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