Break free from anxious “internal chatter” with this mindset trick


When it’s your turn to speak up and you feel that pressure to prove you know what you’re talking about—whether in a team meeting, on a client call, or even when pitching to investors…

Do you ever feel a nervous “internal chatter” getting louder and louder inside of you? To the point where it feels hard to think straight or express yourself clearly? 

You’re NOT alone.

Real talk: this chatter is something we’re wired to experience. Historically, it’s kept us out of danger since our ancestors were living in caves and communicating with grunts… 

 But here’s the thing… your nerves aren’t the problem—how you relate to them, and what you let them mean about you, is.  

Let’s be honest, when nerves arise and you feel those uncomfortable jitters, you might…

  • Identify with the nerves—and take them as a sign of your “not enoughness”
  • Fight the nerves— and put on a facade of “I don’t get nervous”

Or, you might try to talk yourself out of the nerves by saying things to yourself like: “Don’t feel nervous, you know what you’re talking about, just spit it out!”

And guess what? These are all normal reactions, my friend.

But be honest with me, are these impulses serving you? Are they helping you break free from that derailing speaking anxiety or second-guessing?

I didn’t think so…  

Check out this video to learn how to break free from nervous “internal chatter” and take better care of yourself whenever you’re triggered or anxious!

The key takeaway?

👉 it’s all about becoming mindful of your internal chatter.

How? Don’t believe everything you think.

When you notice nerves or anxious thoughts taking over, create a space between yourself and the thought. Instead of identifying with the thought, notice the thought as something separate from who you are.

For example, instead of letting your brain get carried away with thoughts like: 

❌ “I’m not prepared enough!”

“I’m feeling unsure about this!”

Get mindful and say to yourself:

✔️ “I’m noticing the thought that I’m not prepared enough.”

✔️ “I’m noticing the sensation that I’m unsure.”

Why getting mindful about your internal chatter is so helpful:

Being mindful creates a space for you to…  

👉 observe your thoughts and feelings 

👉 be curious about your own experience instead of automatically judging it—and in turn, yourself

👉 separate your (often uncomfortable!) human experience from your innate self-worth.

Think of it like this: you are the sky, and your thoughts are clouds that pass through the sky. When you believe everything you think, you become the cloud

But, when you can observe a thought as just another cloud passing through you, the sky, it has far less power over you…

And when you learn to consistently step into that observer mode… uncomfortable thoughts and feelings aren’t able to distract or drag you down as intensely. You’re able to ground yourself in the present moment and not get lost inside your own head. ✨

Are you ready to start communicating like a centered, confident pro, while still sounding like yourself? 

Well I’ve got just the thing to set you on that path, my friend… 

It’s called The Confident Communicator! 🙌

This course will teach you practical tools and step-by-step frameworks for how to: 

✔️ dial down nerves when the pressure’s on

✔️ exude authentic confidence when you speak

✔️ share your knowledge with more authority and a truly empowered mindset

✔️ and articulate your ideas more clearly (and succinctly!) than ever before

Join us for The Confident Communicator today! >>>

Thanks as always for being here. You and your confidence matter to me! I hope you got what you were looking for from today’s post.

And remember: you are the sky.


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