How to overcome public speaking jitters and engage people from the get-go! [Video]


Do you get public speaking jitters?

You know:

  • Sweaty palms
  • Tight chest
  • Shallow breathing
  • Shaky voice
  • Loud, distracting brain chatter?

If so, welcome to the human family! Just this morning, our client Jen emailed me the following question on her way to facilitate a multi-team training:

“I’m so nervous but also feel like I’ve prepared as much as I can. I feel like that might be a good blog post — like, you’ve prepared for a big event and are ready for it – and yet the jitters seem inescapable.  How do you get in the right mindset?”

You’re right, Jen – great blog post idea Winking Face With Tongue on Apple iOS 12.2

Because here’s the thing: We all experience some level of nervousness when we know we’re about to be the center of attention. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve prepared or how confident you are talking to people in the rest of your life. 

And today I’m walking you through why we experience this anticipatory nervousness and what you can do to overcome this discomfort and engage people from the get-go. 

3 Strategies to Help You Overcome Those Public Speaking Jitters & Engage People From The Get-Go

Once you’ve watched think about how you can put these tools into action in your life! Are there other scenarios, besides for public speaking, where these strategies might serve you?

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And just in case you’d like these reminders in written form, so you can copy and paste them somewhere easy to find next time you need ’em, see my reply to Jen below Down Arrow on Apple iOS 12.2

Thank you for putting yourself out there. The more we see you summoning your own authentic power, despite the jitters flooding your system, the more inspired we all feel to summon our own. 

All my love, 

Writing Hand on Apple iOS 12.2 My Response to Jen [Written Version] Writing Hand on Apple iOS 12.2

You absolutely got this! Remember to:
  1. Take up space
  2. Release that tension
  3. And then focus on the people you’re there to serve. Focus on making THEM feel seen and taken care of – the more you keep your focus on connecting with THEM, and putting them at ease, welcoming them etc. – the less brain space you’ll have to focus on how you’re coming across.

Lastly, nervousness is a very similar sensation to excitement, so let yourself be excited! Nothing to fear, no lion is gonna jump out of the background and eat you – your only job is to bring your colleagues together and facilitate a good time – you can ABSOLUTELY do that!

I can’t wait to hear how it goes, please promise me you’ll enjoy it! You’re not being tested, you’re being rewarded with an opportunity to bond with people! How cool.
Sending you a big hug!

Backhand Index Pointing Right on Google Android 9.0 P.S. Got any burning questions for me? A communication dynamic that’s got you puzzled? A difficult situation or personality at work you could use some help addressing? Wondering about the dos and don’ts of public speaking (i.e. to use those hands or not to use those hands)? Write to me at for a chance to get your questions answered on the blog! 

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