How to stay centered (literally & figuratively) when all eyes are on you


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We’re gonna cover how to:

Dial down nerves with science-backed tactics to help you feel more centered and in control

Avoid distracting mannerisms that undercut your credibility

Signal the qualities you want others to see in you – without faking or forcing it

Organize your talking points in advance or on the fly – in half the time, but with double the impact

Engage whoever you’re speaking to in a way that’s easy to follow and hard to forget

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Let’s face it, this whole Zoom thing is getting to be a bit much. It’s hard to stay focused and feel like your normal self when everything around us is far from normal. 

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t specific things you can start practicing today to make yourself feel a whole lot more centered on the inside (hello, less anxiety and scattered focus!) AND come across as more centered on the outside— whether you’re talking to people through a screen or back in the face-to-face world.

I’m talking:

✔️how to set yourself up in the frame on video calls

✔️which mannerisms help you stay grounded and signal that quality of composure to others

✔️and which habits undercut your credibility every time, everywhere.

Check out this 4-minute video from *inside a client session* to learn an awesome exercise for grounding your energy on the spot and avoiding that impulse to bolt when you’re the center of attention. 

It’s that simple. If you want to feel more centered on the inside and convey more confidence on the outside, start by finding your physical center and ground yourself there. 

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In the meantime, keep showing up as the YOU, you most want to be. One intention, one interaction at a time.

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