From Battling A Critical Inner Voice To Getting Her Message Across with Authentic Confidence: A Presence Under Pressure Case Study

Despite leading her own team and working as a successful engineer in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical space for 17 years, Valerie (one of our amazing Presence Under Pressure grads) was struggling to redirect some of the energy she poured into her day-to-day deliverables toward her own personal and professional development.  As the pandemic started, she…


From Feeling Uncomfortable In The Spotlight To Powering Up Her Own, Unique Communication Style: A Presence Under Pressure Case Study

Think about the last time you watched a person you respect deliver a presentation or give their two cents in a meeting. Did you feel…  👉 inspired?👉 trusting?👉 engaged? A person with strong, intentional communication skills can make anyone feel seen, understood, and motivated to take action. Now when you picture yourself giving a talk…