3 Simple Rituals to Overcome Indecision And Build Self-Trust


Do you ever experience lunch orderer’s remorse? 😬

You know – that twinge of regret for ordering “the right thing” instead of what you were really craving? Or, on the flip side, do you ever regret ordering all those fries instead of making the healthier choice? 🙋‍♀️

If you’re honest with yourself, does this pattern of indecision followed by regret show up in other parts of your life too?

If so, you’re not alone!

Whether it’s ordering lunch, making big life decisions, or handling a complicated conversation – if you struggle to identify the right move, only to beat yourself up after making A move – it’s time to break that cycle.

Today, I’m showing you how to build self-trust when making decisions with 3 rituals I personally practice.

Ritual One ➡️ Accept that there’s no such thing as the RIGHT MOVE.

This is about making A move from a place of trust instead of fear. In order to get to a place of trust, you have to remind yourself that this isn’t a battle between you and the right decision.

This is about you surrendering to A decision that feels right for you, right now.

There’s no perfect path, there’s only A path – and it’s not measured against some perfect ideal, it’s measured against other imperfect paths. 

Ritual Two ➡️ Put yourself through a physical test (exercise credit to Marie Forleo).

Tap into your physical body and ask yourself: “Do I feel expansive when I think about this option? Or contracted?” It’s a very subtle test, you have to close your eyes and pay close attention to your inner sensations.

If you ask yourself the “expansive or contracted” question and you feel an immediate shrinking, heaviness, or sense of dread – those can all be signs of contraction. If, on the other hand, you ask yourself the question and you feel an immediate sense of opening up, getting bigger, or moving forward – these can all be signs of expansion. 

Bottom line: Contraction typically means NO and expansion typically means YES.

Ritual Three ➡️ Reinforce your own self-trust.

Before you commit to a decision, make a promise to yourself to let all the other options wash away and trust the path you’re choosing. It’s not that all the other options were wrong or bad. You are simply deciding to move in this direction because you trust yourself and, therefore, the choice you’re making as well.


✅ Unsubscribe from StreetEasy once you’ve signed a lease (speaking from personal experience!).

✅ Try not to re-read emails you’ve already sent off.

✅ No need to follow anyone on social media you’ve literally or figuratively broken up with…

As my very wise soul sister Liza recently said to me: “So much of being an adult is making decisions without all of the information.”

And what trips us up is the pressure to make the right decision all the time when there’s just no such thing. There’s only the best decision you can make with the information you have right now. 

Your willingness to accept an imperfect path, listen within, and take a step forward (without looking back) are the tools that’ll help you skip that indecision and regret cycle—and build self-trust over time.

💡 What’s a decision you’re facing right now? And how can you use these three steps to be a little kinder to yourself, gain more clarity, and stop looking in your decision’s rearview mirror?

After all, the decisions you make are important, but how you treat yourself as you’re making those decisions is everything. 

You can make decisions from a place of pure intuition and self-trust, my friend. And you don’t have to second-guess your choices once you’ve made them. It takes practice, and I’m right there with you! From lunch orders to career moves—let’s choose what expands us and not look back.

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In your corner,

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