What to do when people tune out or look skeptical when you’re talking to them


Earlier this week, I was asked a VERY important (and common!) question:

“What do you do when you’re talking to people and it seems like they’re tuning out or just not picking up what you’re putting down?”

Have you ever experienced this? Or wondered what to do about it? If so, you’re not alone (I’m right there with you!) and this week’s video post is for you.  

I’m dishing the 3 ways I personally handle these situations and what they actually mean.

It’s a 5-minute must-watch.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, ask yourself:

  1. Has this every happened to you?
  2. How have you dealt with it in the past?
  3. And which one of these strategies can you use to navigate this situation more intentionally in the future?

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Keep showing up as that you, you most want to be. And don’t let anyone’s listening face discourage you from speaking up and sharing your brilliant ideas in that way that only YOU can. 

Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you next week on the SelfSpoken blog!

All my love,

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