3 surprising tricks for engaging your virtual audience with slides


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You spend plenty of time staring at screens voluntarily. But the last thing you wanna do is stare at a screen involuntarily, right?

Like when you’re roped into attending a presentation with a bunch of dry, text-heavy slides and you’d do anything to play a tape of you sitting there – instead of actually having to sit there…

Well, here’s the uncomfortable truth: 

If you feel this way about sitting through a colleague’s presentation – I know this might sting a little – but, chances are, your colleagues feel the same way about sitting through yours.

Not because you’re not awesome or because you don’t know your sh*t! You are both awesome and know your sh*t. 

But because people’s attention spans are VIRTUALLY non-existent. (Pun intended…)

So if you wanna facilitate virtual presentations that are not only informative, but engaging and, dare I say, entertaining… I suggest taking your presenting-with-slides game to the next level. 

I’m talkin:

✔️ organizing your content more strategically

✔️ helping your audience track what’s on each slide

✔️ leaving them with clear takeaways

✔️ maintaining their focus throughout

Check out this 2-minute clip from *inside a client session* to learn 3 surprising tricks to help you take your virtual presentation skills from drab to highly engaging!

It’s that simple.

Pro Tip: Don’t compete with what you’ve included on your slides – read what’s there and fill in the rest with your voice. 

Trick #1: Use enticing headlines – to re-engage your audience as you transition between slides

Trick #2: Anchor your audience (i.e. tell them what they’re looking at) – address what’s on the slide, tell them *exactly* what they’re looking at or reading and then fill in the gaps with context. Don’t lead with context and let them wander off to try to figure out what they’re looking at. 

Trick #3: Animate your slides – reveal bullet points one by one, so your audience doesn’t jump ahead of you.  And consider including transitional slides with the title of your next section, so you’re not hanging out on a slide for too long.

If you incorporate these three tips alone, you’ll be well on your way to creating (and facilitating!) more engaging presentations. 

Craving some extra tips and tricks to elevate your virtual presentation game? 

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Can’t wait to see you on Monday!

And in the meantime, keep showing up as the you, you most wanna be. 

One intention, one interaction at a time.

All my love, 

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